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O Comic Con Delicious Brunch O's

New Guests to Celebrate

Hello and good morning, newsletter subscribers! It's the day before Mothers Day, and you can just pretend that today's newsletter is made of construction paper and glued-on macaroni. Also pretend I'm giving you some buggy daffodils I got out of the flower bed. Here you go, ma.

While we're feeling festive, how about I give you something else to celebrate: brand new guest announcements!

Help us welcome a young actor who has been a familiar face ever since he stole every scene he was in in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire: Jonathan Lipnicki! We can't wait to hear him speak on his experiences as a child star and the insights provided by his early career as he continues to expand his foothold in the entertainment world.

Read more about Jonathan on ocomiccon.com

We'd also like to officially welcome back creator guest Ande Parks, who has been a gracious and welcome presence at O Comic Con since 2015. Aspiring comics writers would do well to attend his panels and learn about the craft from him. He'll also give you his sage opinions on how to make a proper Old Fashioned.

View Ande Parks' bio on ocomiccon.com

Speaking of Creator Guests...

On the heels of Free Comic Book Day, we'd like to take a few minutes to let you know that our site has been updated to include the full lineup of creator guests. Though we're still in talks to bring on a few more folks, this is still quite the collection of talent, exhibiting quite the body of work.

Click the photo to view it on Facebook. As always, likes and shares are greatly appreciated!

Recently announced to our creator guest lineup: Megan Levens, C.W. Cooke, Bruce McCorkindale, and more! Take a gander at our website and check out the lovely sliders that feature these creator guests along with our media guests and cosplay guests. Get pumped! Get ready! Get creative! Get back, Loretta! Ok, maybe not the last one. But we hope you share our enthusiasm for these comics creators, artists, and animators.

Read about all our guests on ocomiccon.com

Re-Introducing O Comic Con 101

Last year, we led up to the event with a series of newsletter articles designed to answer a lot of basic questions about the show and enhance the first-timer experience. This year, we decided to put this branded info up on the website, which you can view in the tiles at the bottom of the main page: O Comic Con 101!

Every year, we have noticed that many of our attendees have never been to a comic con before. We want to make sure that everyone has access to information that will help them know what to expect and how to plan.

With the first-timer in mind, we created a primer for those who have never been to O Comic Con before. There's lots of helpful info in there. If you know someone who is uncertain about what to expect from the convention experience, point them to the Primer! We even made a print-friendly version for those who may want to study up on the show and make notes. The print-friendly version is perfect for older folks and chaperones who may not be as attached to their phones as the rest of us.

View the O Comic Con 101 Primer

View the print-friendly version of the OCC 101 Primer

We hope these resources prove helpful. And that's it for this edition. We'll see you right back here May 27, 2017. Merry May, everyone!

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Image credit: top banner photo uses "Chocolate Cereals" by Petr Kratochvil.