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O Comic Con Delicious Brunch O's

O Comic Con Just Got Twice as AHS-y

Top o' the morning to ye, newsletter subscribers! It's the day after St. Patrick's Day, so that's why I said that. Okay, I lied. I would have said "Top o' the morning" regardless. Are you ready for some updates at the end of the rainbow, more precious than a pot of gold? Let's go!

First, we are absolutely thrilled to welcome Naomi Grossman back for O Comic Con 2017. As you may recall, Naomi was with us for our very first OCC in 2015. She was, in a word, delightful-- and we're so happy to have her come back!

Of course, now that her fellow AHS: Freakshow alum Mat Fraser is also going to be at O Comic Con, fans of American Horror Story now have twice the reason to attend. We look forward to some engrossing conversations in their Q&As.

Click the image to view our Facebook announcement for Naomi Grossman (We appreciate Likes and Shares, so please help us spread the love!)

Partly Metal, Partly Real

As you know, cosplay is a major highlight of any convention. That's one reason we are seeking out new and adventurous cosplay guests for 2017.

This year, we're pleased to welcome IBOT (Iron Brothers of Topeka) to our show. With their eye-catching robot cosplays and incredible attention to detail, this family of cosplayers will surely be a treat for attendees. You'll see them walking around OCC in their creations. What a photo op!

Read more about IBOT on ocomiccon.com

We'd also like to give a proper welcome and introduction to Wetworks Sfx Studios.

You most definitely remember Benito of Wetworks Sfx Studios from O Comic Con 2016: he was the man behind the very huggable, very round Baymax Stormtrooper cosplay. This amazing character blend and build got major viral attention last year when Wetworks tweeted progress photos of the costume. We were proud to have the costume debut at O Comic Con, and we're even prouder to welcome these talented creators to our show. Wetworks will have a booth filled with props they've made for film. We can't wait to see what the Wetworks crew will bring!

Looking for Future Amazons

Stock photo images never fail to amaze me. Search for "sales;" end up with bonus Cronenbergian horror. Love.

We are rapidly filling up the Arena floor for 2017 vendors and artists. It's going to be huge, awesome, and filled with great stuff. The floor is almost completely sold. Hooray!

However, we do still have a bit of space to fill in our Future Amazon small-scale booth vending area. These bargain booths are located at the back of the Arena floor, visible from the main footpath. They're great spaces for collectors to unload comics and toys picked up over the course of the year. Remember when you saw that giant pile of action figures at a yard sale for practically nothing and hauled them home? O Comic Con remembers.

Visit the Vendors' site to learn more about selling at O Comic Con

And that's it for this edition. We're working hard every day to make OCC 2017 a great show for you. Stay tuned for more! We'll be back here Saturday, April 1!

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Image credit: top banner photo uses "Chocolate Cereals" by Petr Kratochvil.