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O Comic Con Delicious Brunch O's

More Players in the Grand Saga

Good cold and rainy morning, newsletter subscribers! What's with these Winter's Heart temps, anyway? Somebody needs to get Nynaeve over here with the Bowl of the Winds and fix this weather. (Yes, I realize we're in obscure geeky deep cut territory over here with this WoT reference, but it was worth it. WORTH IT!)

Since the weather's leaving us feeling less than mighty this weekend, we can talk about something that WILL be epic and amazing: O Comic Con creator guests!

We'd like to take a few lines here in the newsletter to officially welcome back Bob Hall to the show. Bob has kindly shared his expertise in cartooning and his long and storied career writing, drawing, and editing for Marvel, D.C. and Valiant in between stints directing for the stage. We're so glad Bob will be joining us again!

Read more about Bob Hall on ocomiccon.com

We're also excited to welcome a new guest in partnership with our friends at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Jon Schnepp, whose work you have seen on Cartoon Network , FX, MTV, Nickelodeon, SpikeTV, Machinima, Comedy Central, Collider, and Showtime. He is well known for his work on the full series run of Metalocalypse. Because the Alamo is planning a very special screening with Schnepp in July, we will be able to host him at O Comic Con. More details will follow about this screening, but for right now suffice it to say that we're grateful to the Alamo for setting this up and very much looking forward to having Jon Schnepp in the Metro!

Read more about Jon Schnepp on ocomiccon.com

First Saturday in May Approacheth

Exactly one week from today is a biggie for comic book retailers: Free Comic Book Day! Each year, publishers pass out an assortment of titles to be distributed for free in comics shops all over the country. Many stores make a huge event of it, and you'll find large and energetic crowds assembled at these shops.

We'd like to make sure we do a little hyping for our local comics retailers and friends who are going all out for FCBD: Legend Comics and Coffee will be having a huge sale and a Make-A-Wish fundraiser with all kinds of art to bid on. You can read more about it by checking out the Facebook event page.

Krypton Comics is hosting FCBD festivities featuring Dean Cain of Lois & Clark fame and writers Cullen Bunn and Jimmy Johnston. Help support this titan local institution by showing up for the festivities-- and get a photo op with Superman while you're at it. Check out the Krypton Free Comic Book Day event on Facebook.

There are tons of other regional retailers who are having special sales or events for FCBD. Check out your local comic shop online and see what's cooking. Support your local comics retailers!

Thank You, Vendors

Finally, we would like to thank all of the vendors and artists who have purchased booth space on the 2017 Arena floor. The Arena floor is officially sold out!

Our Arena layout is our largest floor yet. With more shopping space than ever before, I can safely say that the selection for attendees will be bigger and better than ever. Great vendors make a great show, and we are so psyched to see everyone's wares and art!

Bummed you missed your chance to sell? You can ask to be put on our waitlist in case of cancellations. Just email our vendor coordinator at vendors@ocomiccon.com.

Fear not, exhibitors: we still have exhibitor space in the ExHall, and space for podcasters in the Podcast Arcade! Email matt@ocomiccon.com to start a conversation about your exhibition, community booth, or Podcast / YouTuber booth.

And that's it for this edition. We'll see you back here in two weeks-- on May 13, 2017. Stay dry out there!

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Image credit: top banner photo uses "Chocolate Cereals" by Petr Kratochvil.