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Man, if loving weird clip art is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Good morning, newsletter subscribers! It's mid-April, and convention season is making us busier than a dog at an easel (what?), so without further ado, let's talk about some exciting guest developments for O Comic Con 2017.

This year, we're trying to bring in a few new faces to the group of comics guests you already know and love from the region. It's all about supporting regional creators while showcasing a few noteworthy talents from around the country.

To that end, we'd like to announce a couple of great new additions to our show: Deryl Skelton and David DeGrand. We're so thrilled that Las Vegas-based illustrator and writer Deryl Skelton is dropping by our show to share his works with the hometown crowd. Known for his work as the principle artist for DC's Star Trek: The Next Generation -- as well as a slew of other works for DC and Marvel-- Skelton's illustrations will be a real treat for OCC attendees.

Visit Deryl Skelton's website to learn more

We're also super psyched to welcome David DeGrand to O Comic Con for the first time. This Texas-based writer and illustrator has worked on SpongeBob Comics for United Plankton Pictures(as artist and writer!), and his illustrations and writings have graced the hallowed pages of MAD Magazine, among many other publications. Welcome, David!

Visit David DeGrand's website, DeGrandLand

Shop Shop You Don't Stop

If you've been snooping around our site lately, you may have noticed a new link on our secondary menu: the Shop. (note: it appears in the primary menu on mobile).

As an indie convention with a small staff, we've been trying to think of ways to slowly integrate online shopping into the OCC experience. Ultimately, we'd like our Shop to grow into a year-round retail arm that sells merch and even tickets! Alas, just as Johnny Cash had to build his pickup truck one piece at a time, so too have we opted to start off slowly to learn the ropes of online selling.

If you'd like to help support the convention (as well as help us tweak our inventory management and buying software settings!), would you kindly consider purchasing a 3-inch logo sticker for the low price of $3 (tax and shipping included)? Your purchase will help us learn to accommodate online sales -- with the eventual hope that even our ticket pre-sales will be handled online with no middleman. (Gasp!)

Click the image to view the logo sticker for sale at our online shop. We truly appreciate your support!

Prepare Thy Panels

Finally, we'd like to go ahead and open up 2017 Panel Submissions to our newsletter subscribers.

Are you passionate about a craft, skill, art, or even a fandom? Would you like to share that knowledge and enthusiasm with others? Consider submitting a panel proposal! Your 45-minute presentation will grant you and your fellow panelists free admission to the show for a day. It's a great way to promote your projects-- from writing, art, crafting, photography, or anything else you can dream up. Great programming is a major highlight of any convention. Won't you consider joining us this year?

We also love critical discussion panels on popular culture from an academic perspective. At O Comic Con, we love encouraging media literacy and critical text skills. Want to workshop a lecture or conference presentation? We gotcha right here.

Note: While panel approval is a relatively short process, panel scheduling generally won't be complete until June. Get the ball rolling with an early submission to guarantee your spot. We'll try to honor your time and day requests the best we can.

View the 2017 Panel Submission Form

And that's it for this edition. We'll see you back here in two weeks-- on April 29, 2017. Enjoy your spring!

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Image credit: top banner photo uses "Chocolate Cereals" by Petr Kratochvil.