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O Comic Con Delicious Brunch O's

Good Boy Takes Over Human Newsletter

Mah human mamuh says ah got to write newsletter for a O Comickob before we go walkin. I make hurry so we can go walkin. Can we go walkin? Go walkin is FUN.

Ah'm PORTER, an ah'm a beagle-foxhown DOG. Ah'm a good boy. My human mamuh makes a O Comickob for you people.

Ok so y'all should go to O Comickob. There's gon be lots of things to smell. Ok that's one sturry.

Report: Humans Prone To Tactile Errors, May Drop Burgers on Floor

You know when human people eatin their dinner and they ain't give you none? Porter think that's just SAD. I like treatie bites of YOUR dinner.

No, ah don't want my DOG FOO. Dog foo is BORING!

One time my human mamuh dropped HANGURBER on the flur by mistake. It was the bes day of my LIFE!

Maybe somebody drop a hangurber on YOU one day. Ok that's 2 sturry.

Guest Column: Shrieking with Ally

Shrieking with Ally is a feature column by Ally, a Belgian Malanois who loves the outdoors.

HALLO! Zis is Ally, and I adore to go in ze yard and SHRIEK! But mainly when I see squirrels.

Squirrels are so leetle and zey run around and leap in a most thrilling way. I want to be their FRIEND! And bite zem.

Next time you see squirrel in your yard, I recommend you do what I do: let EVERYONE know! Like zis:


Sank you for reading. Zat is all. NEWSLETTER OVER NOW! NOW WE GO SHRIEK!

Porter back again. Triangles did a stury. We wrote 3 stury. Now we go WALKIN!

Humans will return to the O Comic Con newsletter Saturday, April 15. Happy April Fool's Day from O Comickob!

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Image credit: top banner photo uses "Chocolate Cereals" by Petr Kratochvil.