Vendors by Category

2017 Arena Floor For Web


For your convenience, this page lists all event vendors by category. For a list of vendors by booth order, please visit our arena page.

Comic Books & Card Gaming

Comic longboxes, trades, and card games.

Indie Comics & Graphic Novels

Regional comics publishers and creators who are promoting and selling their original creations.

Authors & Books

Writers promoting their works. Many genres represented including sci-fi, fantasy, and YA fiction. (See each post’s tags and links for more info.)

Collectibles & Toys

Knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and toys– some for keeping in their boxes, others for playing with! You make the call.

Tees & Clothing


Accessories & Jewelry

Includes tote-ables– items like bags, pouches, patches, hats, headbands, etc. Jewelry charms or keychain charms. Also includes small paper items like bookmarks, buttons, magnets, etc.

Artists– Original Designs

Sellers with art that is based on characters or designs of their own creation. (Most artists will sell both original designs and fan art.)

Artists– Fan and Comics Art

Sellers with art that is inspired by favorite characters from comics, video games, films, and anime. (Most artists will sell both fan art and original designs.) This category includes artists published by the Big Two and other major properties.

Photo Souvenirs & Experiences

These vendors offer souvenir photos or other memorable experiences.