For those of you new to this MM is a feature where we like to highlight the wide variety of vendors, artists, and exhibitors who will be populating the Arena floor during O Comic Con 2017. We’re excited to share their wares with our attendees and hope you see something that strikes your fancy. Onward!




First this week is Tank Zombie Studios, Which is the collaborative efforts of Author/Illustrators Axton Kahler and Jesse Kiefer. Together they bring their unique style and humor to area conventions and the internet at large.

Tank Zombie Studios (Booth B2)

Visit their website here




Next up we have Jessi Gill AKA Curlybowlcuts a fantastic artist and a first time vendor at O Comic Con! Jessi brings a fun and exciting cast of their own characters

Curlybowlcuts  (Booth B13)

you can view more here



Last for this week we have STAR REALM, who doesn’t have a website! But they will be at our show in full force! A veteran of the nerd industry (since well before I was born) Bill Grush has been servicing the Omaha area with movie posters, model kits, action figures and even vintage comics. We are glad to have him coming to OCC this year.