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Marty Grabstein shaped a generation of kids with his work as the titular character, Courage The Cowardly Dog. Conveying so much with little dialogue, Marty Grabstein used a combination of paranoia and panic to create Courage’s singular voice. In addition to Courage, Grabstein has provided voice over work for Wonder Showzen and A Cat’s Tale, as well as making appearances on  Law And Order: SVU, Third Watch, and Law And Order: Criminal Intent

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Melissa Bratcher didn’t know that there was a name for girls who played with Star Wars action figures until she heard it on the playground: Nerd. Since then, she’s embraced her nerddom for all kinds of things: art, the music of Buck Owens, Joss Whedon’s oeuvre, Richard III, chickens. She writes for popshifter.com, specializing in beards, banjos and brass bands, has a lovely and delightful family who are both extremely tolerant of her flights of fancy, and is ridiculously excited to work for O ComicCon, combining her loves of nerddom and emailing strangers to ask for things.