Booth D5: Dark Art Komics


Booth D5: Dark Art Komics

“Featuring the unique artwork and writing of Daniel Thomas. (Creator and Artist):

Dan has been drawing and creating since his kindergarten years. Originally from the Midwest, (Edwardsville, IL- just east of St. Louis, MO) he eventually found his way to Arizona. Spending most of his 20’s as a first responder in AZ law enforcement, Dan did not have much free time to draw and create. He eventually exited law enforcement and completed his undergraduate degree with a pre-med focus. During Anatomy & Physiology, he had to draw a life-sized representation of the musculoskeletal system. This brought back his desire to create, ten-fold.

Several years later in 2015, with the support and devotion of his awesome wife that has been there for him without hesitation for the ups and downs, he launched “Fan Art by DTK, LLC”. His first ever artist alley table was at LC3 2015- Las Cruces Comic-Con. In addition to the support and devotion, Dan’s wife is also the unfortunate soul that tolerates many times what is referred to as “too much Dan”- even though contrary to popular belief, Dan’s voices reassure him that there never can be too much Dan.

Currently based in Las Cruces, NM Dan is able to get his work out there for attendees at multiple conventions in AZ, NM and TX as well as online. In January of 2016, Dan formed “Dark Art Komics” to focus on truly unique/original work in addition to “fan art” pieces.

Dark Art Komics:
From Dan’s experience with PTSD as a first responder, Dark Art Komics donates artwork pieces and a percentage of profits made at each convention to the 501(c)(3) organization “Climbs for PTSD” ( ) to help get awareness out there. Climbs for PTSD helps military, first responders and anyone that suffers from this silent killer.”