OCC 101 Cosplay

Let’s start at the beginning. What the heck is cosplay?

The costumed characters you see at comic cons? Those are cosplayers. The majority of cosplayers are dedicated hobbyists. They create costumes for their own enjoyment. There is no greater satisfaction than showing off a well-crafted costume at an event. They create costumes out of fabric, molded foam (also known as Worbla), paint, and nearly any kind of household material you can think of. Crafters are constantly looking for materials to creatively utilize for cosplay.

Hey, that sounds fun and I want to try cosplaying. Should I?

You absolutely should. Cosplay is for everyone. Evvvvvvveryone! You would be surprised how easy it is for the casual attendee to find costume pieces online and in stores. If sewing is beyond you, why not start out with a purchased costume from the web? Amazon and similar sellers have tons of options. And if you’re too shy to go for a full costume, then at least wear a fun tee shirt or accessory that proclaims your love for your favorite character. It will make your convention experience more festive!

Are there any costume rules or guidelines at O Comic Con?

We simply expect attendees to use common sense with their costumes and props. For example, if you have a gun prop, please have an orange tip in the barrel so that it is clearly identifiable as a prop. If your gun is brightly colored plastic, that is also just fine. With large costumes, please be aware of doorway widths. And please be cognizant of municipal ordinances when it comes to skin exposure.  Please view our Rules and Policies to make sure you understand what is expected of attendees.

Baymax Stormtrooper cosplay by Benito Garcia of Wetworks SFx. Photo by BPI Multimedia

Baymax Stormtrooper cosplay by Benito Garcia of Wetworks SFx. Photo by BPI Multimedia


If I’m at an event like O Comic Con, am I allowed to take pictures of cosplayers?

Cosplayers are usually more than happy to be photographed. That said, you should ask permission before you take a photo. Cosplayers like taking photos with other attendees, too, so don’t be shy to ask for a photo with the cosplayer! However, you should never touch a cosplayer or their costume unless you have been invited to do so. O Comic Con has a Zero Tolerance policy concerning harassment. We want anyone who cosplays to feel safe and welcomed to do so. Read the Anti-Harassment policy.