A standout piece of programming at O Comic Con, the 2017 cosplay contest will be held at 6:00 PM on Saturday, July 8th in the Gordon Room. If you’re at the show Saturday, we highly recommend that you come watch as participants show off the costumes and props they’ve worked so hard to create.

For Participants: About the Cosplay Contest

Competition Tiers


Are you new to cosplay or just want to show off a clever group creation? Consider entering as an exhibition-only contestant. You won’t be eligible for cash prizes, but you will be eligible for judges’ choice awards. Exhibition-Only contestants do not have to participate in pre-judging.


A novice participant has not completed, or has not won more than 2 awards at any convention or event (including place and judge’s choice awards). You must participate in pre-judging to be eligible for Novice awards.


An intermediate contestant has won between 2 and 4 awards at any convention or event (including place and judge’s choice awards). You must participate in pre-judging to be eligible for Intermediate awards.


A master-level participant has won 5 or more awards at any convention or event (including place and judge’s choice awards). You must participate in pre-judging to be eligible for Master awards.


  • Best in Show – $200 + custom certificate
  • 1st Place Master Craftsmanship – $100 + custom certificate
  • 2nd Place Master Craftsmanship – $75 + custom certificate
  • 1st Place Intermediate Craftsmanship – $75 + custom certificate
  • 2nd Place Intermediate Craftsmanship – $50 + custom certificate
  • 1st Place Novice Craftsmanship – $50 + custom certificate
  • 2nd Place Novice Craftsmanship – $25 + custom certificate
  • Judge’s Choice – custom certificate

How to Enter

You can enter the cosplay contest in one of two ways. Enter in advance of the show via the online form:

Cosplay Contest Entry Form

Alternatively, you can enter the cosplay contest during the convention. There will be a signup sheet at the O Comic Con Info Booth (Booth A1 in the Arena). You can enter and select a pre-judging time slot at the Info Booth.

Map for Cosplay Contest Participants

I’ve entered the contest. What do I do next?

  1. Show up for pre-judging. If you entered online, you should receive an appointed time for your cosplay pre-judging. If you entered at the show, you should show up to be pre-judged at your selected time. Pre-judging will take place in the Quinn Room, located near the Convention Center exit. During pre-judging, you can show progress photos of your creation. Judges may bump you up or down to a different competition tier at their discretion.
  2. After pre-judging, simply show up to Cosplay Green Room in the Parker Room. Cosplay Green Room starts at 4:00 PM. There, you can relax and prepare for the contest and make last-minute fixes to your costume. Exhibition-only participants who did not participate in pre-judging are welcome to attend the Cosplay Green Room as well. Please show up to Cosplay Green Room no later than 5:00 so that the coordinator can assign walk-on order.

Cosplay Contest Rules and Other Tidbits

  • All costumes must be at least 70% made/altered by the cosplayer in order to be eligible for cash craftsmanship prizes.
  • You must attend pre-judging in order to be eligible for cash craftsmanship prizes and the Best in Show award.
  • You may be bumped up into a higher competition tier at the judges’ discretion.
  • If a competitor misses pre-judging but reports to Cosplay Green Room on time, they will be allowed to walk onstage but only be eligible for Judge’s Choice awards.
  • Any costumes that have won previous awards at other conventions/events are disqualified from winning a craftsmanship or Best in Show, unless documented proof is provided that the costume underwent significant alteration/revision between events. You may bring progress videos or photos during Pre-Judging.
  • All competitors are to report to Cosplay Green Room by 5:00 PM, or they will risk being disqualified.
  • All competitors will walk onstage to royalty-free music provided by the convention. No custom music, sorry! This is being done to eliminate copyright issues from music PROs.
  • Please keep your performance or any speaking portions onstage profanity-free. Remember, this is an all-ages  event!
  • For your safety, shoes must be worn at all times during walk-ons and stage performances. If your costume canonically does not incorporate footwear, shoes may be removed during pre-judging but must be worn while on the convention floor and competition stage.
  • Finally, all competitors are to be respectful of fellow competitors and convention staff. Anyone displaying unwelcome or rude behavior will be disqualified and removed from the green room by convention staff.

Any questions? Send ’em to our Cosplay Contest Coordinator at kelly@ocomiccon.com. Thanks, and we hope to see you on stage!