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Caroll Spinney has been Big Bird since the beginning of Sesame Street, and has, in fact, spent half of his life inside a giant puppet. The times that he wasn’t inside a giant puppet, he was in a trashcan, for he is also Oscar The Grouch. He is an author, an artist, and speaker, as well as the recipient of four Daytime Emmy Awards, two Grammy Awards, and the National Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences’ Lifetime Achievement Award.  He is the subject of the fascinating documentary, I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story (available on Amazon Prime, if you want to prepare for his visit to O Comic Con with deeply insightful questions). He has taught countless children that birdseed is a tasty snack, that it is okay to be exactly yourself, and that sometimes it’s okay to be grouchy, too.

About The Author

Guest Coordinator

Melissa Bratcher didn’t know that there was a name for girls who played with Star Wars action figures until she heard it on the playground: Nerd. Since then, she’s embraced her nerddom for all kinds of things: art, the music of Buck Owens, Joss Whedon’s oeuvre, Richard III, chickens. She writes for popshifter.com, specializing in beards, banjos and brass bands, has a lovely and delightful family who are both extremely tolerant of her flights of fancy, and is ridiculously excited to work for O ComicCon, combining her loves of nerddom and emailing strangers to ask for things.