Anti-Harassment Policy

OCC 101 harassmentAt O Comic Con, we strive to create an environment where everyone is free to enjoy themselves without fear of harassment. The following behaviors are considered harassment and will not be tolerated at O Comic Con:

  • Physical assault or battery
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Intimidating, unwelcome attention, for any reason
  • Verbally harassing any attendee
  • Stalking or following someone around the event
  • Intimidating language or threats
  • Disrupting panels with chanting, sustained questioning with intent to intimidate, or any other disruptive behavior
  • Sustained, harassing photos or videos. While there is a reasonable expectation that photography will take place at a public event like OCC, there is absolutely no excuse for repeated, harassing photos to be taken of one person. There is a slogan in the cosplay community: “Cosplay is Not Consent.” Photographing or touching someone without their consent will not be tolerated at OCC.

If you have been harassed or see someone being harassed, please notify a member of our staff immediately. Engaging in these behaviors can result in instant expulsion from the event. No refund will be granted. If necessary, we will notify our officers on duty, contact local law enforcement, have the offender escorted out, and file a police report against the harasser.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment. Make sure you help keep O Comic Con a safe and fun place. Be vocal when you see inappropriate behavior, and above all let us know so that we can remedy the situation.