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occ-shield-logo-large-for-web-no-bgWhat is O Comic Con? When is O Comic Con 2018?

It’s a true indie expo-style comics and pop culture convention now in its fourth year of operation. O Comic Con 2018 will be held July 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2018 at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA.

What is a comic con, anyway?

Short for “comic convention,” today’s comic cons are events where fans can celebrate their favorite pop culture by meeting actors, artists, and writers. There’s a lot of art and merchandise for sale, panels to attend on interesting topics, and crowds full of people dressed like their favorite characters or wearing their favorite superhero tees.


Admission and Venue

Do I need to purchase advance tickets, or are they available at the door?

We recommend advance tickets because they’ll save you some time and money. However, tickets will be available for purchase at the door. We gladly accept cash and all major credit cards.

How do I purchase advance tickets?

Take advantage of our seasonal low pricing with our 3-Day Pass pre-sale. You can purchase 3-Day Passes on our Tickets page. Only 3-Day Passes are available for pre-sale at this time. Single-day passes will be available at the door.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my children?

Kids 12 and under are admitted free with a ticketed adult. They do not need tickets. Simply show up with your child, and they will receive a wristband for admittance at the same time you get yours.


During the Show

I’ve never been to a comic con before. What can I expect?

Lots of people are experiencing comic cons for the first time due to the immense popularity of superhero and fantasy stories right now. You can expect a large venue with lots of walking and lots to see and do. There are vendors, artists, and exhibitors present and lots of cool things to take pictures of. There are also interesting and informative panels to attend on various topics like writing and drawing comics, podcasting, costuming and crafting.

Will I be able to sit down and rest at the convention?

The convention will be crowded at times, but we have a large venue that allows for several seating areas near concession stands. Make sure you pace yourself! Many of us like to be able to take breaks and recharge in the midst of a lot of activity. Trying to cram a full day of shopping, panels, photos, and cosplay in might be tiring if you don’t plan for breaks. 

The Mid-America Center will have concessions available. You’ll be able to get a variety of snacks and drinks there. If you decide that you need a meal break off-site, our wristband system will accommodate your needs. Simply leave your Tyvek wristband on when you leave O Comic Con, and you can come right back into the event after you have returned to the Mid-America Center.



Am I allowed to cosplay at O Comic Con? What are the rules for cosplay?

We absolutely encourage you to dress in costume– and you will see plenty of others doing so, as well. We ask that you use common sense when bringing any props or costume items. Paint an orange tip in the barrel of any gun props, please. And when you interact with cosplayers, follow the two golden rules: ask before taking a photo, and do not touch a cosplayer without their consent. Learn more on our cosplay page.


About the Organization

What does it mean to have an indie convention?

This event was founded and bootstrapped by just a few people with a desire to invest in the Metro-area fan community. O Comic Con is not one of many events run by a single company: it is our only event, and our goal is to make it a fun place for families of all stripes to celebrate superheroes, sci fi, fantasy, and all things geeky.

Who runs O Comic Con?

O Comic Con is a labor of love staged by members of the Metro community. There are dozens of dedicated volunteers who help the convention run during show hours. During the rest of the year, O Comic Con is run by a handful of dedicated staff members.

How do I get in touch with O Comic Con staff?

Use our handy contact form, and we will make sure your query gets to the right person.