Booth A13: Mayflower Comic


Booth A13: Mayflower Comic

“Whereas once the people of Earth ignored the starlit darkness, they now depend upon it. Numerous colonies have extended humanity’s reach to the Kuiper Belt, from orbital and enclosed surface operations to a Mars in the midst of a promising terraformation. The Sol System has been mastered.

Earth, now essentially a string of interconnected megapolises, lead by its corporate government, the Commonwealth, has launched a bureaucratic and militant annexation of the bountiful Outer Orbits in order to endure overpopulation and dwindling resources. The once free frontier is beginning to slip away…

But the Commonwealth’s overreach has sparked resistance. Militias band together to defend their homes and families. Extremists and fanatics strike back with terror. Smugglers and privateers work to disrupt Earth’s supply lines. But the worst threat to the Commonwealth’s way of life is the one they know least about: The Mayflower Project.”